Claim your next Instagrant tranche!

Claim your next Instagrant tranche!

💸 About Tranches

All grants are awarded in tranches. The tranches are as follows:

  • Grants upto $5000, 50% upfront upon approval, and 50% upon completion,
  • Grants upwards of $5000, 30% upon approval, 30% upon completion of reported milestone/KPI during grant onboarding, and 40% upon completion.
For members with high community reputation scores, or repeat grantees with a proven track record we may make exceptions including but not limited to 100% payment upon approval, and custom milestones.

📨 Claiming Payment

Once you’ve made progress, please submit an update using the form below to claim the next tranche for your project:

⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently is it possible to request a tranche amount?

You can fill the form anytime upon the completion of the project or the milestones as the case may be.

When can I expect the next payout?

Solana Foundation payments are finalized on Mondays, and sent out on Thursdays. Assume that you will get your payment the following Thursday after the application has been made.

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